We have to find ways to change our daily lives in ways that will make a difference in the lives of others. Mission work is your daily walk, how will you care for those that come across your path? Whether it is food, shelter, words of encouragement or a smile… everyone has something to offer!

1. Join the team, volunteer your services
2. Cash donations to support others to serve
3. Gifts of medicine, medical supplies, hearing aides and batteries, glasses, artificial eyes, dental supplies, hand held instruments, stethoscopes, B/P cuffs, otoscopes, opthalmic scopes, and thermometers

Many people want to make a difference but are not able to join a team and travel. Supporting others financially is a great way to make a difference. Team members can provide a written account of experiences as needed.

If you are interested in any type of
donation/support, contact
Sandy Hilburn (316) 258-2180 or
Gary Archer (785) 689-8024