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OH MY STARS.... THESE TWO ROCKED THEIR SHOOT!!! Jessica contacted me a little over a month ago wanting a country inspired themed couples session that she would also be able to work her barrel horse into. Her boyfriend, Dustin,  helps farm this heavenly grass farm (he actually planted this field they are in) and man-o-man.... I LOVED IT!!! I have had the pleasure of using this location for an engagement session as well as a family session around Christmas time. I am no expert on grass types to tell you what was planted at these different times, but the engagements had little flowers sprigs and the December family pictures had the greenest grass for December that can be found. 


Fast forward to our shoot and it was the most dreamy grass and perfect for the type of shoot they were wanting. It worked beautifully with the horse included. I keep catching myself just starring at these photos. Not only because of the picture perfect location but for the love and happiness you see this couple shares! I can't wait for many more sessions with these two! I hope you all enjoy their photos as much as I do.

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Patrick Ryan: Needville High School Man, oh man.... How time flies. I have know this exception young man since he was in diapers and nothing makes you feel your age and then some like showing up and that little boy you remember as knee high now towers over you. Patrick's Grandma, Sherry, babysat me and in return I gave her many gray hairs :) So many fun memories and stories she can tell on me.

Grandma contacted me around the new year with hopes of getting enough of a jump with his busy senior year schedule that we could get this session done. It was wonderful seeing Patrick looking so handsome and then having such great photos to help all the family members remember this great time in his life.

I see a spitting image of his Grandpa Pat, which he was named after in him! It was amazing how calming it was seeing Grandpa Pat smiling down on this young man. I have photos as a kid sitting on Santa's lap at church Christmas Programs and almost ruining it for all the other kids by recognizing Pat. Pat was a second father to me and his big bear hugs could melt any of your troubles away in seconds! 

‚ÄčI know Pat is proudly watching over you Patrick and you are going to go amazing places! I can not wait to see where the journey of life takes you!!!

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Stuart Wedding 04.18 View full wedding and order photos from this wedding at:


I absolutely love wedding season and love the opportunity to work with all the couples that I have on their big day. A few have heard me refer to this wedding as a “Cinderella” wedding and by looking thru the photos I think you will totally understand why I have called it such.

I attended high school with the bride and groom and even attended the same amazing youth group at church with the groom. This couple had a living nightmare with a wedding photographer they had originally booked (took their money and stopped contacting them and blocked calls) and I thank the stars that I was not already booked so that I could step in for them and capture this picture perfect wedding. And was it prefect!!!!

Going into the weekend the rain prediction changes daily. It was a roller coaster of emotions when you thought it was 20% finally and next time you checked it was back to 100%. Skip ahead to day of the wedding… The ceremony was to start at 6pm and it came time to make the call for indoors/outdoors and rain was 100%. The couple decided to move the ceremony under the covered tent which was absolutely beautiful as well. 6pm came around and God was smiling down on these two because the skies opened up and it was just beautiful.

The bride was able to ride into ceremony in horse & carriage… YEAH… HORSE & CARRIAGE (I’m not going to lie…. I was super green with envy at how gorgeous it was)!!! And with this time of day, we were able to do all their formal photos during that dreamy golden hour and it was just amazing!!!

This couple was surrounded by so many amazing friends and family and the reception was an absolute hoot with a perfect sparklers exit! You guys are just too photogenic I look forward to many more family sessions with you in the future! 

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BLOG WELCOME!!! All aboard the blog train!!! I am taking the dive.....


WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I don't know how many readers or followers I will have here but I wanted to add another great outlet for people to see what goes on at Preserving Memories. This includes old clients, new clients, potential clients, and plan on making occasional posts to appeal to other photographers as well. This is a new thing for us and with all the amazing upcoming shoots we have going on... it is going to blossom into something amazing! Have a look around as we add all our new shoots here along with other news. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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